A couple months ago I reviewed MSI’s GT75VR, and even though I respect how hard it is to cram desktop-level components, ridiculously loud speakers, and a custom mechanical keyboard in a laptop body, gigantic 17-inch systems like that don’t really do it for me.

That’s because weighing in at almost 10 pounds and measuring 2.3-inches thick, the GT75VR doesn’t really deliver the portability I expect from a gaming laptop.

It’s slim, it’s sleek, and it’s got one of the most colourful RGB keyboards out there—all starting at £1,479.

But then, I remember the 17-inch GT75VR, which practically requires a carrying case with wheels, and I’m downright grateful to have something that came play games properly and is still this thin and light.

I was much more concerned about picking up scratches or fingerprints, the latter of which were constantly showing up on the system’s smooth brushed aluminium finish.

The sides of the system feel much more substantial, and little touches like the row of indicator lights and icons are a quaint touch, even if they are a little outdated in 2017.

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