Pokémon Go will soon be getting an upgrade on all recent Apple devices with the integration of iOS 11’s new, built-in augmented reality development framework, called ARKit.

After an upcoming patch, devices capable of utilizing ARKit features will see an improvement to the basic AR capabilities of the game, as well as new gameplay mechanics that take advantage of the upgraded capabilities.

After activating AR+ mode in the game, Pokémon will be more accurately placed in the world when viewed in the AR encounter mode.

Trainers will be able to change their distance and angle and the Pokémon will track to your perspective, better achieving the original game’s promise of finding and catching Pokémon that feel like they’re in the real world.

The improved AR tracking is more than cosmetic.

It will be easier to catch Pokémon from close up, but they will also be more likely to notice you and run away if you approach too quickly, adding a new element of risk and reward to catching Pokémon in the wild.

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