AT’s plan to design and build a dedicated nationwide public safety broadband network has received the green light as all 50 states, two territories and Washington DC say yes.

The network itself was proposed as a way to combat the communications challenges that first responders had to contend with following the terrorist incident on September 11 2001, and the days following.

While generally accepted as a good idea, there was a risk of support falling short as certain states pokes holes in the plan.

The FirstNet opt-in/opt-out period ending just before the New Year, granting the green light.

“Our FirstNet offering will forever change the way first responders communicate,” said Chris Sambar, SVP for FirstNet at AT“Securing 53 opt-ins is significant for the public safety personnel that this network will serve.

And we’re honoured to give first responders across the country quick access to this life-saving solution.”

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