The new position, Head of Telecoms EU Exit Policy and Legislation, will be located in the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, and will be responsible for running a team of six, with the mandate of modernizing the legislative environment for the telco industry.

Part of this will include translating the European Electronic Communications Code into British.

As you would expect for such a complex and ever-evolving, the perfect candidate would have years of experience in the TMT space, with a firm grasp on current and future trends.

‘Knowledge of telecoms would be welcome but is not essential’ according to the job description.

Perhaps we have discovered why the UK government finds it so hard to effectively regulate the current telco environment, as well as writing rules which offer freedom to be creative for the future digital environment; it isn’t necessarily hiring people who know the industry.

Considering digital will form the foundations of any and all successful businesses in the future, the importance of suitable legislation, which is adaptable enough for future change but stringent enough to ensure accountability today, cannot be underplayed.

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