If most car journeys are made with just a single person onboard, why not make a car that’s focused on just that one person?

That’s Electra Meccanica’s argument with the SOLO, a single-seater electric car that’s targeted at commuters and urbanites who don’t need to haul around empty seats every time.

The result is a battery powered three-wheeler that looks a little like the cross between a trike and a hammerhead shark.

It’s transportation shrink-wrapped down to the driver alone: the single seat is flanked by the SOLO’s 16.1 kWh lithium-ion batteries, keeping the center of gravity low and, so Electra Meccanica promises me, the driving experience fun.

Top speed is, theoretically, 82 mph, but the company – perhaps sensibly – limits it electronically to 82 mph.

0-60 mph comes in under eight seconds, and while the 94 lb-ft. of torque might sound low, it should be plenty in a vehicle tipping the scales at a mere 1,380 pounds.

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