There was a brief period when it seemed that mobile phone users were exempt from the problems that computer users were experiencing.

That all changed when it was revealed that there were two processor flaws and the second one, Spectre, most decidedly did affect ARM chips – which meant pretty much every phone and tablet out there.

First of all, it should be remembered that this vulnerability was identified and reported seven months ago and was not supposed to have been revealed until next week (coincidentally in a week when the tech world had decamped to Las Vegas for CES and those pesky tech journalists would be otherwise occupied).

But then there was also the uncertainty of what Spectre meant to users and the contrasting messages, on one hand being told it was that it was worse than Meltdown as it wouldn’t have been so easy to apply fixes to it; and, on the other, how it wasn’t quite so bad as it wasn’t something that could be exploited by a script kiddie working on his own, but would need state-sponsored teams on the case.

And according to Zimperium security advisor, Adam Donenfeld, the dangers to individual users are limited.

He pointed out that there was already protection available.

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