While most of Huawei enthusiasts eyes are pointed to a possible launch of the Huawei P20 series, seems that the Chinese company hasn’t made a definitive decision yet.

The Chinese Behemoth recently has trademarked the “Huawei P20” name, but now, all of sudden, the “Huawei P11” title was also trademarked.

In counterpart to the P20 which got trademarked only in the US, the most recent application for P11 was filled in the UK, US, Taiwan, Hong Kong and some other countries.

Worth to mention that the company’s web team is preparing info pages for both Huawei P11 and Huawei P12.

The existence of this new P11 and the planning of a P12 (allegedly coming in the next year) makes more likely that Huawei doesn’t pretend to skip the numbers counting, by launching P20.

Some fresh rumors indicate that Huawei is preparing three smartphones to reveal before Q2 2018 ending.

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