Most jobs require a college degree these days, a proposition that’s becoming increasingly unaffordable even if it is attainable.

And the effects of this debt overhang ripple through the entire economy.

For founder and chief executive Will Houghteling (Ivy Speaker 2009), the issue is hardly academic.

The son of two educators, Houghteling spent his professional career at the center of some of Silicon Valley’s experiments with the democratization of education.

First at YouTube working with massive online open courses from Udacity and Coursera for four years, and then at Minerva University (Silicon Valley’s experiment with a university education without the college campus infrastructure), Houghteling was exposed to the latest and greatest models for making education more accessible.

The company launched in January with an extensive pilot project at Uber to help them hire entry level sales people and continued with some large undisclosed national retail bank, Houghteling said.

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