The hardware push comes as Facebook attempts to rediscover a functionality balance which pushes contact with friends and family back to the fore, while dialing down the brand and other content that has seen it mired in the ongoing “fake news” controversy.

That has seen Facebook make some unexpected decisions to how it handles each individual newsfeed for its users.

On the one hand, the social site has said it will limit how many news articles users have recommended, prioritizing local content and sources that are trusted by that person’s social circle.

According to DigiTimes, and its sources in the supply chain, the social network has been preparing two different smart speakers.

Each is the handiwork of Facebook’s Building 8 hardware lab, with production outsourced to Pegatron according to the sources; initial plans to launch in May have been pushed back, it’s reported, to around July so that the audio performance of each can be refined.

For example, Facebook is said to be fitting each model with a 15-inch touchscreen, sourced from LG Display.

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