There has been a great deal of doom and gloom regarding the road to GDPR compliance, but this study has shed some positive light on the matter globally.

The UK has proven to be a beacon in the gloom in the run up to GDPR, with 74 per cent of businesses confident or very confident that they will be ready for its May arrival.

Backing up this confidence, it has also been revealed that UK business is spending an average of £1.3 million on achieving compliance, second only to Germany in Europe.

A familiar theme of low awareness and understanding from businesses toward GDPR has been in circulation for months, but the EfficientIP study also provides findings that go against this general belief.

Presenting insight into the impending EU regulation and its impact, 46 per cent of businesses stated that the most important benefit of GDPR would be in building customer trust.

To add to this, 31 per cent of businesses stated that they believe compliance will be most valuable due to heightened brand awareness.

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