Autofill support was first added to the LastPass public beta in August last year.

To use the feature you will need to be running Oreo, have the latest version of the LastPass app, and enable it in the Autofill settings.

When password manager LastPass added support for Android Oreo’s Autofill API in the beta version of the app last August, there was hope that it would soon be added to the regular version of the app.

However, it wasn’t until this weekend (around six months later) that a Reddit user broke the news that the regular app had finally been updated with the feature.

When signed up for a ton of different websites, creating a strong, secure, and memorable password for each one can be difficult.

Password managers aim to solve this problem by allowing users to safely store their passwords for individual sites behind a single, secure password or code, meaning they only have to remember one.

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