Calling it the the “natural next step” in the evolution of DSLR camera systems, Canon has introduced the 470EX-AI speedlite that promises better flash photographs thanks to, yes, artificial intelligence.

Geared toward beginners and enthusiasts looking to learn more about flash photography, the 470EX-AI automates one aspect of on-camera flash shooting that experienced users have long been doing manually: bounce angle.

A common mistake novice photographers make when first working with an external flash is to point the flash head directly at their subjects.

This leads to what is often called the “deer in the headlights” look and can produce harsh, unnatural shadows.

By pointing the flash upwards, the light bounces off of the ceiling and produces a much more natural, softer look with a more even exposure.

The 470EX-AI automatically tilts the flash head to the correct position, making for what is perhaps the most foolproof flash system yet.

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