Legacy infrastructure and monitoring tools are significantly hampering efforts to modernise these organisations.

A cloud first approach is considered by many, if not all, to be the most advantageous model for businesses to take when tackling digital transformation efforts.

The same model should also be applied to the public sector, certainly the G-Cloud framework encourages it and so does government policy, but unfortunately this policy is coming up against some serious barriers.

According to a Freedom of Information request into cloud adoption in the UK public sector by SolarWinds, an IT management software company, less than a third of NHS Trusts surveyed and under two third of central government departments have adopted any level of public cloud in their organisation.

Worryingly, of these organisations, many have no plan at all to migrate everything to the cloud, voiced by 41% of central government respondents, and 79% of NHS respondents.

Whilst some concerns can be expected, and throwing everything into the public cloud isn’t necessarily the best option, there’s some serious concerns regarding the public sector’s public cloud aversion.

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