Apple reports violations it finds at various categories of severity and gives its suppliers ratings based on how they treat their workers.

The 12th annual report was released this week, and in it, Apple says it found more violations than it did last year, at least in part because of new suppliers and partners added to supply chain.

Apple found twice as many "core violations" in 2017 as it did in the previous year.

The nominal GDP per capita in the Philippines is $3,593 according to the IMF, so this is a significant burden, as workers may not be paid enough to manage the debt they take on to pay these fees.

The company also discovered two underage labor violations, one access restriction violation, and 38 working-hour falsifications.

Apple requires its suppliers to cap worker hours at 60 hours per week and to give workers at least one day of rest after working for six consecutive days, but in 38 cases, Apple found that suppliers had falsified reports about their compliance with these requirements.

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