Why type in vague search terms and scroll through reams of results when you can snap a simple photo and immediately find exactly what you’re looking for?

Last March, for example, Pinterest launched a new feature called Lens that lets you use a photo of a real-world item to find related themes and pins, or even recipes based on food you see in the wild.

The company recently revealed that it now garners 600 million visual searches each month.

Ecommerce giant eBay is also now using computer vision search tools to help shoppers find items using photos.

With that in mind, European online fashion giant ASOS is today rolling out its “style match” visual feature to consumers everywhere.

By way of a quick recap, ASOS is a U.K.-based online fashion retailer that now also operates within France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia, Russia, and the U.S., as well as shipping globally.

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