Broadcom’s decision to kick off a redomiciliation process to the US was a pragmatic move to get in the good books of the government, but now Trump has killed the Qualcomm acquisition, is there any point?

There are of course benefits to shifting the corporate headquarters to the tax shelter of Delaware, but then there are will also be benefits to having the corporation located in Singapore.

This small city-state also offers corporates notable tax benefits, has an incredibly friendly business ecosystem, has 21 bilateral and regional Free Trade Agreements in force and 41 Investment Guarantee Agreements, excellent intellectual property protection laws and easy access to funding.

Rumours were beginning to surface, but confirmation (and the beginning of the soap opera) was yet to arrive.

The press conference announcing the redomiciliation process even managed to grab the attention of Trump, who was able to leave his Twitter account for a couple of minutes to stand stoically behind Broadcom CEO Hock Tan.

At the time, Trump commented Broadcom was one of the “one of the really great, great companies.”

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