Inspired by the movie "Black Panther," a yoga teacher in Norfolk, Virginia, has started teaching "Wakanda Yoga," named for the fictional kingdom featured in the Marvel superhero blockbuster.

Artis Smith hasn't created any poses specific to the classes (he might consider adding an arm-crossing Wakanda Forever salute), but he calls them afrofuturistic, pacing them with African drumming and incorporating poses influenced by ancient Egyptian Kemetic yoga.

Afrofuturism refers to a movement in literature, art and music that reclaims and reinvigorates depictions of the black experience.

The film starring Chadwick Boseman as king T'Challa had a powerful impact on Smith, the son of a minister.

"As a boy I loved Superman but couldn't identify with him because I'm black," he says.

"I didn't realize how strong an effect that had on me, until the same little boy who saw Superman all those years ago watched 'Black Panther.'

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