If you’re worried about getting a new PC that runs Windows 10 in its locked-down 10 S mode, which doesn’t allow you to install applications outside of the Microsoft Store, then the good news is it appears the process of switching to a full version of Windows 10 will be pretty simple.

We found out earlier this year that Microsoft was planning to change Windows 10 S, which was a separate version of Windows 10 with a number of restrictions in place, to Windows 10 S mode, which as the name suggests will be a mode that can be used with any version of Windows 10 to turn it into Windows 10 S.

While Microsoft believes that Windows 10 S mode will be popular with users who want the security – and performance – improvements that come with only using Microsoft Store apps, many users won’t appreciate being limited to what they can and can’t install.

Thankfully, Microsoft revealed that switching back to a version of Windows 10 without those restrictions will be free, and we’ve now seen that the process could be as simple as visiting the Microsoft Store.

The process of switching from Windows 10 S Mode to normal Windows 10 was spotted by Richard Hay on Twitter, who posted a screenshot showing how people can switch out of S mode using the Microsoft Store.

Here is the "Switch out of S Mode" page in the Microsoft Store on Build 17134.

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