Announced in 2014, but launched many months later in mid-2015, it felt like a long time before we could brandish the Apple Watch on our wrists in public and share our full verdict of Apple's first smartwatch.

Our original Apple Watch review at the time praised it for its clever interface and stylish design, but criticized it for a high price and limited battery life.

Our review has changed a lot since it was originally published (we’ve updated it with details for the newer watches too) but we thought we’d go back on this three year anniversary of its release to see if our criticisms of the first device have been addressed, or whether all we've seen is a modern upgrade to the same device - after all, it does look rather similar...

This is one we’re surprised Apple hasn’t managed to fix yet.

That obviously saves battery life as it only lights up when you tap on the watch or raise it up to read the time, so it's a surprise Apple hasn’t developed an always-on option as well.

As our review noted, “The Apple Watch is not something I'd recommend to anyone that's serious about getting into shape... unless they're desperate for all the other elements this device offers too.”

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