The bloodthirsty draft of a letter by King Henry VIII in which he demands a monk’s violent death is set to go on public display.

In the 16th-century death warrant, the famous king orders that the abbot of Norton Abbey in the North of England be “hung drawn and quartered,” but then decides that the clergyman should just be hanged.

The 1536 letter, which is on loan from the U.K.’s National Archives, is set to go on display at the Norton Priory Museum in Runcorn, Northern England, starting May 5.

The monarch apparently changed his mind over the abbot’s fate, SWNS reports, noting that the words “drawn and quartered” are crossed out.

“Because it is a corrected draft we can almost read the thoughts of the king before he has had a chance to calm down or speak to his advisors,” he explained.

Henry VIII’s reign was a turbulent period, marked by religious tension as the King severed England, Wales and Ireland’s relationship with the Catholic Church in Rome.

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