Radial Ball Bearings are well known for their versatility and capability of carrying high axial and radial loads from either direction. Because of their high performance and precision, Radial Ball Bearings are used in many industries and precision apparatus. Radial Ball Bearings are consist of an outer ring, inner ring, high precision rolling balls and a cage that hold those balls at right spot. The deep groove design of the rings enables these bearings to operate on high speed with high precision.

Design Attributes of Radial Ball Bearings

Radial Ball Bearings are designed and developed to work in contaminated environment for a long time and because of their structure and material used, they are one of the most durable ball bearings available in the market. Popular ball bearings makers like Timken also provide an extra coating for corrosion resistance on some model depending on the requirements and their applications. Radial Ball Bearings are either made open or with special seals that keep the lubrication in and contaminations like dust and water out of the apparatus.

There are many design variations of Radial Ball Bearings. In some particular models the out ring comes with only one shoulder that makes it possible to separate the outer ring. This design attribute helps mounting process in some cases. Similarly, depending on the application and requirements, Radial Ball Bearings are available with different seals and shield variations to keep the lubrication in.

Applications of Radial Ball Bearings

As Radial Ball Bearings provide high performance and precision, they are used in industries where these attributes are much needed. This type of bearings is used in agriculture, automobile industry, and chemical industries and in some general industries where precision equipments are used.

Material used in Radial Ball Bearings

Radial Ball Bearings are made of different sizes and configurations depending on their applications. Similarly they are made with different attributes and depending on the requirements they might have different accuracy, performance, load capacity and precision. The most widely used material in construction of Radial Ball Bearings is stainless steel yet other materials like ceramic and plastic are also used to construct some parts.

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