the EU intends to fight for Iran agreement and refuses handelsförhandla with the united states "with a gun to the head", to be greeted by the heads of state and government toppmötesmiddag yesterday evening.

But at the same time opens up for conversation about, among other things, increased imports and tolls.

the USA's defection from the kärnenergiavtalet with Iran was one of the main topics when prime minister Stefan Löfven (S) and his EU colleagues met in Bulgaria's capital Sofia yesterday evening.

When the meeting ended around midnight, announced a source that the leaders of the EUROPEAN union further agree to abide by the so-called JCPOA agreement, as the president of the united states Donald Trump recently decided to leave.

”the EU supports the JCPOA, so long as Iran respects the settlement”, named it, however, from the EU source.

in Addition, you should ”work to protect european companies affected by the U.S. decision”.

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