Networking chip designer Aquantia has created the first USB accessory that will bring higher-speed wired internet to laptops.

The universal serial bus (USB) enables a multi-gig ethernet controller for adapters, docking stations, and on-board local area networks (LANs).

That means computer makers can use the chips to build high-speed internet connectivity for laptops with speeds of multiple gigabits per second.

The computer makers include Bizlink, Edimax, Goodway, and Sunrich.

San Jose, California-based Aquantia makes chips that enable high-speed ethernet connectivity in the 2.5 gigabits per second to 5 gigabits per second range.

These high-performance yet small devices enable a new class of accessories for laptop users who want mobility combined with the reliability and performance of wired multi-gig ethernet connectivity when at their desks.

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