The IT administrators and software developers who ensure systems stay updated, behavior across IT infrastructure is carefully examined, and outages are kept to a minimum may not grab the cyber-security limelight like those specialising in antivirus and similar areas, but their work is fundamental to the running of organizations both big and small.

The first platform on our red-hot run-down is Spiceworks, which promises to keep you fully up to date on “the network happenings you care about most.”

Among Spiceworks’ features are an IP lookup tool to trace and identify unknown IP addresses in the network, a subnet calculator for creating new subnets and converting CIDR (classless inter-domain routing) notation to an IP range, a traceroute tool for troubleshooting connection issues, and an interactive outage heatmap.

Strong range of analytics tools

WebTitan supplies businesses of all sizes with a suite of security and monitoring platforms that give a wide range of powers to IT administrators.

Doing the job of ‘Big Brother’ is WebTitan Cloud, a filtering solution for organizations to monitor, control and protect their online users from web content.

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