Video streaming is smoking hot, with Apple’s new service destined to arrive in living rooms any minute, and the new YouTube Premium taking on the might of Netflix.

Cinephiles now have more films at their fingertips than ever, but does it mean the end of the traditional movie theater experience, with its flip-down seats, hushed excitement and vats of sticky popcorn?

“There was a time when a company wanted to pioneer having theatrical and streaming releases [come out] at the same time, and there was a huge debate between the traditional cinemas and the sites as to whether this was the right thing to do,” says Liz Han, deputy general manager for motion pictures and entertainment at Beijing Culture.

“It should be a win-win, but there’s a huge conflict because it shortens the mature window time between theatrical release and the streaming sites.”

Han is one of four industry experts speaking about the future of the film at CES Asia.

The event is China’s largest tech show, and attracts professionals from around the world.

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