Having reached the point where more than a million posts, videos and articles are being shared on its platform every day, LinkedIn is now moving beyond merely hosting others’ work and is attempting to forge a surprising reputation of its own for original journalism.

The Microsoft-owned company, which started life as a social network for professionals 12 years ago, has been metamorphosing into an increasingly sophisticated publishing platform and is today home to a 50-strong and growing team of professional journalists spread across five continents.

LinkedIn’s original content includes the Daily Rundown digest of business news sent direct to users each morning, video interviews with corporate heavyweights produced in studios in New York and Bangalore and a podcast examining people’s working lives dubbed Work in Progress.

Most interesting, though, are the news stories the editorial team are beginning to mine from LinkedIn’s ‘Economic Graph’, its dataset of 560 million members, 50,000 skills, 20m companies, 15m open jobs and 60,000 schools.

Previously foreign desk news editor at France’s venerable Le Figaro, Roughol joined LinkedIn seven years ago this month to build its editorial team outside the US, hiring regional news editors and specialists to cover sectors such as finance and tech.

You’re not just writing a story and letting it go; you’re really involved in creating conversation around it.”

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