B2B marketers are still very much in the early stages of grappling with artificial intelligence (AI) and how it applies to their businesses, according to a research conducted by two marketing firms.

According to the report, which surveyed more than 300 B2B marketing and sales professionals, those who work in the field are “generally unclear of what AI means and the potential impact it could have on their business to achieve objectives.” The report was conducted by marketing and sales intelligence software firm EverString and sales acceleration company Heinz Marketing.

The survey found that 32% of marketers are not confident in their knowledge of AI, while 54% are only somewhat confident in their knowledge of it.

While marketers have “broad expectations for AI,” some admit that they are still unsure if they fully understand what AI is.

A large portion of marketers said they do not understand the differences in types of AI, such as machine learning and predictive modeling.

Only 12.8% of respondents reported feeling “very confident” in their level of knowledge of AI in the context of marketing technology, with 54.6% feeling “somewhat confident” and 32.6% feeling “not at all confident”.

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