Cryptocurrency startups often tout blockchain technology for its immutability and heightened security, but in spite of such claims, even distributed ledgers are prone to hacking.

Just this week alone, EOS, TRON, Monero, and Augur have handed out $24,500 in bug bounties to ethical hackers who found kinks in their software.

According to HackerOne data, security experts found a total of seven vulnerabilities: three in TRON, two in EOS, and one each Monero and Augur respectively.

Unfortunately, most of these reports remain closed to the public, so it’s difficult to gauge how serious the issues were.

Here’s what we know though: EOS was the most generous bounty giver with a total of $12,500 in prize money, followed by Justin Sun’s TRON with $7,000, and Augur with $5,000.

Monero has chosen not to disclose the size of the bounty.

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