When last we spoke about Hawaii and their plans to ban some sunscreens, proposed law SB 2471 wasn’t yet live.

As of this week, and thanks to Governor David Ige’s final signature, that law is in full effect.

Our natural environment is fragile, and our own interaction with the earth can have lasting impacts.

This new law is just one step toward protecting the health and resiliency of Hawai‘i’s coral reefs,” said Gov.

This law does the following, officially: “Bans the sale, offer of sale, or distribution in the State of any SPF sunscreen protection personal care product that contains oxybenzone or octinoxate, or both, without a prescription issued by a licensed healthcare provider.”

UPDATE: The latest version of the bill – the one turned into an act (into law) this week – actually says “This Act shall take effect on January 1, 2063.” So that’s… pretty weak.

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