July is being observed as Cord Blood awareness month declared by National Health Information Center (NHIC).

According to research it has been observed that about 4 million births that take place annually, among them 90% of the stem cells which are contained in the cord blood are treated as medical wastes and are discarded.

The day is about educating expectant parents and others about the value of cord blood and how it is helpful in saving the precious commodity and thus prevent it from being thrown away as a medical waste.

There are three main sources of stem cells such as bone marrow, peripheral blood and cord blood.

Due to lack of awareness cord blood are remain under utilized, and hence with the celebration of this day, the use of stem cells from cord blood is increasing worldwide.

Cord blood stem cells generally treat more than 80 diseases such as lymphomas, leukemia, osteoporosis, anemia, immune disease and bone marrow failure.

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