Volume refers to the size of the data, variety indicates that the datasets are non-homogenous, and velocity is the speed at which the analysis takes place, often with the goal of achieving real-time analysis.

The datasets involved are indeed seriously large – we’re talking terabytes to zettabytes (1ZB is equivalent to 909,494,701TB, for the curious).

In addition to the size of these datasets, the data can be of different types: structured, semi-structured and unstructured, plus it can be drawn from multiple sources.

Furthermore, the majority of smartphone use is not voice communication, but rather other activities, including emails, games, web browsing, and social apps – which ultimately translates to 90% of use being mobile apps.

But data without any analysis is hardly worth much, and this is the other part of the big data process.

The company utilized big data to modernize its approach to travel, with a focus on improving the customer experience via innovation through its app.

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