Analysts have been aggressively optimistic in their predictions about the growth of consumer shopping via virtual assistants like Amazon's Alexa, but a new report claims that only a small fraction of Alexa device owners shop with voice commands.

And most of those who do only try it once or stick to a limited range of products.

Two people who have been briefed on Amazon's "internal figures" told tech business publication The Information that only around 2 percent of people who own Alexa-equipped devices like those in Amazon's Echo line have ever made a purchase with Alexa.

Of that 2 percent, about 90 percent tried it once and did not attempt it again after that, one of The Information's sources said.

And even those users who regularly use Alexa to shop mainly do so for small purchases like household supplies.

Marketers and salespeople refer to these types of purchases as "minor new purchase decisions" or "minor repurchase decisions."

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