The american suspicions against the chinese mobile technology has since Donald Trump signed new legislation passed to ban.

the Us authorities and companies that have contracts with them may no longer use the technology from Huawei and ZTE.

The two chinese companies were identified already in 2012 as a threat to u.s. security authorities, thus my during Barack Obama's time as president.

But for Huawei's part came the big jaw blow during the year teknikmässa in Las Vegas, as the major operator AT & T shortly before a joint press conference, withdrew plans to take in Huawei mobiles in its range.

The other major operator Verizon has acted in the same manner and according to the coherent medieuppgifter did so after pressure from the american authorities.

At the beginning of the week, president Trump the new legislation, the Defense Authorization Act, which among much else contains a prohibition against u.s. agencies and companies that have government contracts to use ”important” or ”critical” components from the two chinese companies, writes tekniksajten Verge.

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