You're probably reading this while listening to some Madonna songs, as it's her 60th birthday today and everyone's posting their favourite Madonna songs all over the place.

We're still working on the right answer to that question, as it's currently down to either Hung Up, Vogue or Like a Prayer, having just eliminated Get into the Groove.

While we decide on that, here's something from Autotrader's oft-overlooked blog to read -- they've found one of Madonna's old cars for sale.

Specifically, they've found a 2002 Mini, in black, that was once registered to the Ciccone Trust, and was the pop queen's daily runabout during that odd period of her life when she married a bantering film director, wore tweed jackets and hats, and was often spotted carrying a blue carrier bag full of lager about Marylebone high street.

Guy Ritchie may even have wound down a window and shouted "Oi oi" out of the window of the passenger side.

The seller of the car is therefore having a bit of a laugh with the vehicle's asking price, which at £55,000 for an 02 plate 1.3 Cooper S Mini represents a premium of around £50,000 just to have a bit of upholstery that may have come into contact with a celebrity.

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