The healthcare sector is by far the worse culprit…

The number of reports of data security incidents received by the UK’s Information Commissioner (ICO) has surged 75 percent over the past two years, according to new analysis by Kroll, the risk mitigation and investigative services company– with the overwhelming majority down to human error, rather than malicious cyber incidents.

Some 2,124 reports could be attributed to human error, compared to just 292 that were deliberate cyber incidents, Kroll said, with the most common types of incidents being confidential data being emailed to the incorrect recipient (447 incidents), loss or theft of paperwork (438) and data left in an insecure location (164).

Most guilty of such breaches was the healthcare sector, which reported 1,214 incidents over the past year, a 41 per cent increase over two years.

This is followed by general business (362), education and childcare (354) and local government (328).

The information came via an Freedom of Information (FOI) request.

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