Fraud on rise and IT workers (of all people) most susceptible

The number of UK companies on the receiving end of business scams involving email has risen by nearly two-thirds – 58 per cent – in the last year, new data from Lloyds Bank has revealed.

Stats from the bank showed the average loss from so-called "business email compromise" (BEC) frauds has reached £27,000.

IT workers are among the most susceptible to falling victim, along with those working in legal firms, HR and finance.

So-called "tech savvy" – the survey's words, not ours – millennials face the highest risk of being targeted, with more than one in 10 falling victim or knowing someone who'd been a victim.

The most popular impersonation tactic by such con artists is to try to persuade staff inside an organisation to change bank account details by posing as a supplier, or by spoofing emails that appear to be from a contact or manager to achieve the same.

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