Nazar (lit. Evil eye) is an Indian Hindi supernatural thriller television series, which airs on StarPlus and streams on Hotstar. It is the sixteen television series of 4 Lions Films. The show is produced by Gul Khan and Karishma Jain, directed by Atif Khan, written by Mrinal Jha and features the cast including Antara Biswas, Niyati Fatnani, Harsh Rajput, Smita Bansal and Ritu Chaudhary. The story is about an evil Daayan and the troubles faced by the family under her nazar.

The story starts with a 200-year-old Daayan, Mohana, who kills people to remain young. In 1997 she uses her evil sight to capture Mridul. They marry and have two children, Ansh and Kajal, after which Mohana kills Mridul. Mohana is revealed by Divya who burns her and is frozen in stone, but as Mohana is a Daayan, her evil eye Nazar stays on the family. Divya's friend Vedashree adopts Ansh and Kajal. 18 years later, Ansh and Kajal have cousins, Rishi and Neha. Ansh has some supernatural powers, called the Daavansh, which makes Vedashree concerned. The family is told by a priest that Ansh can be saved by a girl who has Durga's birth mark. Divya's daughter Piya has that mark on her shoulder. Mohana sends a puppet Daayan called Ruby, with a tattoo of the Durga birth mark on her shoulder, intending for her to marry Ansh so Mohana can return into the earth.However,after helping the Rathod family Divya was lost but her daughter Piya was came Mumbai in search of his father to take help in searching of her mother, Divya.