When Casper launched in 2014, it was hard to ignore—especially if you were riding the subway in New York.

The minimal vibe and welcoming tone of the brand stood out among the busy and dizzying array of cluttered transit advertising.

It’s obnoxious, desperate barking whereas Casper feels more like someone saying, “Hello, my sleep-deprived friend.

Speaking at Brandweek, Brooks noted how the brand’s original “whimsical, approachable, playful aesthetic” combined with a more human approach has paid dividends many times over.

While this tactic is not necessarily anything new or confined to the brand, Casper still feels like an original anomaly as an evangelist for a good night’s sleep and the many benefits that come with one.

R places a heavy emphasis on customer input, and a partnership with American Airlines has put Casper in the seats of a legion of new prospects.

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