With its new EX-proof products continue to set the automationsexperten Beckhoff to challenge the market: – It a r it ba sta of two va rldar na r traditional PLC systems mo ter the DCS-lo solutions, bera says Beckhoffs Johan Hedin.

Automationsspecialisten Beckhoff va is growing against a new field of the na r their EX-proof products fo r explosive environment you now available on the market.

the Development of the new products have pa ga tt, in your a r and na ra cooperation with the industry.

– In va ra new products mo ts the traditional process management, with its added slower fo time and large signalma lengths, and the rapid PLC-va world.

As a customer, you can da rfo r fa fo benefits fra n ba da, bera says Johan Hedin, Area Sales Manager at Beckhoff.

The new I/O's that Beckhoff has developed the application of the ter ista instead of the sensors can be connected directly without barria r, go r-process ba the easier and cheaper.

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