By 11 a.m. in Los Angeles, Busy Philipps has seen her daughters off to school, hauled herself to a LEKfit dance workout, met with her team on the set of her new E!

“I was just kind of lonely and looking, like so many people that turn to social media,” says Philipps, whose memoir, This Will Only Hurt a Little, became a New York Times best-seller last month.

at 10 p.m. for what producers call a “treat at the end of the day.” For the season opener, Instagram users saw the host backstage, psyching herself up to step in front of the cameras, and the TV show picked up right where Instagram left off.

She starts each episode with a nightcap—the official Busy Tonight Instagram account shares the recipe each day—and ends it by singing a Mr. Rogers-style goodnight song in her nightgown.

They’re coming to her for very honest, real and funny takes on things—and she definitely has a take on everything.”

In a candid conversation with Adweek, Philipps shares what’s on her mind and not always on her social account, from navigating politics and brand partnerships to working with Tina Fey and an all-female writing staff, plus the one item she’s nervous to fly with.

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