MarkMyPresence is an integrated Leave & Attendance system. A secure SAAS with features for OT/Comp-Off, over the day shift, LWP, Leave encashment, attendance rule configuration and many more.

How does this system contribute to payroll processing?

Payroll processing is a very significant part of the entire salary module structure of any business resource management model. A simple activity of an employee record of his/her physical or virtual presence impacts the resource productivity graph and in turn the salary payout. A lot of inputs and efforts go in collecting employee monthly data with different parameter combinations based on the company policy.

MakeMySalary - Cutting edge payroll outsourcing services.


Competitive Pricing

With offerings worldwide and technologically competent, MakeMySalary is regionally affordably and aggressively priced. With an assurance to minimize your cost of payroll operations over resource productivity, our revenue model to avail our payroll outsourcing service is sure to become a value addition to your organization.


Continuity and Customizable

MakeMySalary becomes your end-to-end Payroll Service Provider / Company. From tracking to reporting all about your employees it ensures seamless information flow day by day and month to month uninterrupted. Finding an expert or a right person to train and engage in detailing and reporting employee activity monthly is very critical and an arduous task.

The cost of training a resource to compute salary structures, co-ordinate alerts and updates in various governing bodies for statutory changes and thereon ensure employee and employer benefit is value proposed by this payroll software. MakeMySalary is a customizable payroll software/management services system and can update to the needs of concerns specific to the company.


Optimization of resource and money

Being an processed and automated payroll services system there is very little chance for human interference and preference. No blame game or hidden agendas for employee benefits can be entertained thereby reducing seemingly less resource productivity resulting in value based employability. This makes use of optimal resource and commercials for any organization. Employee retention leads to business growth.


Online Accessibility and 24x7 Help Desk

Being cloud based system, MakeMySalary payroll processing portal is available and secured to run your payroll process TIMELY, ALWAYS and ONLINE. Its web based capability also delivers a help desk feature where any query is resolved to customer satisfaction.


Mobile Application Support

With changing user trends, MakeMySalary is mobile friendly and accessible.


Scalability and Integration Capabilities

The payroll services software has the capability to integrate payroll data into your enterprise applications. In addition, a co-brand in MarkMyPresence - a stand-alone leave and attendance software makes it easier for organization to handle multiple data collection to different stake holders. It also reduces the time of HR and Accounts team investing on payroll processes. We are best suited to offer scalable payroll function from start-ups to mid size companies to large manufactures in the industry.


Accurate and error free report generation

A lot goes inside a payroll process procedure in a company. With many stake holders or controllers to access this data, payroll processing includes calculation of payments to employees for their duties in the company – depending upon time or productivity, calculation of benefits, and statutory deductions. Payroll needs to be processed by each company periodically. It may be needed weekly, bimonthly, monthly or daily (for daily wage /shopfloor workers).MakeMySalary gives you this critical data in a PRESCRIBED report format that are accurate, updated and errorfree.


Regional Presence and Local Impact

As any payroll outsourcing companies service in your city in your domain becomes pertinent. MakeMySalary works anywhere from anywhere. Location is really not a problem when you are running this payroll process system. Having strong associations and knowledge with local and regional compliances MakyMySalary operates its service from a central point in Pune. An automated system of coordinating with multiple offices and remote locations it delivers timely monthly employee payroll with ease. With more than 400 client offices pan India, we are currently serving your payroll requirements anytime, anywhere??.


MakeMySalary - the HRM Value proposition for your Company

As a monthly payroll software service, MakeMySalary operates as your Payroll Process Person. Tracking the life cycle activities of an employee in any organization can turn to become tedious with back-forth detailing, miscommunications and miscalculations, subjective errors and result in employee dissatisfaction and grievance. This entails time and effort of a resource in a company and does not result or assure unbiased and error free information.

The dependency on the person actually computing the entire employee activity information is drastically reduced thereby ensuring CONTINUITY in the payroll process.

Payroll processing involves accurate payroll calculations, disbursal, generating salary payslips, and managing payroll taxes and record keeping compliance. These interconnected activities cannot be hurried into and must be performed using a system that rolls out information in a error free structured format . As an organization or Company it is indeed not the business focus but most critical part in sustaining the growth of the organization. So, to compute, calculate and render the monthly salary of an employee is an extremely detailed task any organization needs to fulfill.


Sustain and dynamism - Opting to outsource your payroll processes.

Be it an employee who is the kingpin of this software, or the HR manager who need to focus on building employee retention and contribution, to tax and government bodies, MakeMaySalary as an end-to-end payroll software solution ensures critical data is confidential continuous and secured. Any change in the policy of the organization or ever-changing government laws and deadlines, MakeMySalary automates it for you ERROR-FREE.

It is this understanding and expertise that MakeMySalary delivers to processing your Payroll activity. Having built this robust software with in-house IT and HR talent, MakeMySalary leverages maximum RIGHT REPORTING to all concerned stakeholders.


Stake-Holders of the payroll process information:

The payroll system encompasses payroll administration from consulting to execution, partial or End-to-End payroll processing as needed with accurate, timely, secured reports that are generated in exact prescribed format by different stakeholders of the employee activity information.

The biggest beneficiary of this payroll management system in totality will be YOU as the organization who holds the path to business growth. Accounting an employee salary with compliances makes number crunching very complicated and entails a network of multiple co-ordinations. There is also the danger of leaking critical employee data to wrong sources ending with chaos and unethical business practices. Making a third-party or an outsourced system do this for you, results in an unbiased and closed-circuit data report.

A happy and systematized environment is very crucial in sustaining growth and make yourself capable to adopt market changes. Outsourcing your most tedious and critical data that of your employee activities ( right from attendance, leaves, taxes, pay cuts, managing statutory bodies to various reports ) makes it effortless for your company since it is secured, accurate software system without human interference and preferences.