That's why programmable robots are so popular, letting young engineers see the results of their work in the real world, roaming around the kitchen floor and chasing the family cat.

There are so many DIY bots around, it can be tough to choose the best one for the junior coder in your life, so we've rounded up the very best options for a range of budgets and ages.

It's aimed at kids aged eight and up, but there's plenty to keep older children (and adults) entertained too.

Once it's connected to a smartphone, you're ready to start taking care of your new friend by attending to various 'needs', Tamagotchi-style.

For example, its 'Energy' need can be satisfied by interacting with its three power cubes, while 'Fun' is fulfilled by playing with it, teaching it expressions and words.

Perhaps its best feature, however, is the Code Lab, which lets youngsters create their own programs using simplified building blocks.

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