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European telecommunications research Manager at IDC, the number of messaging applications used in corporate networks is growing rapidly. It is expected that in the next 5 years seucre data transfer applications to increase their presence in this environment by almost 60%. This means that there is a need for better communication between telecommunication giant networks and corporate environments.

“Business sees the benefits of WAN/LAN/Ethernet platform. Most of the corporate WAN Ethernet segment uses IP-VPN, MPLS. Another question is whether the MPLS platform is good enough. I believe that by 2022. Ethernet will carry about 20 %, maybe 30% of all business traffic,” says Amanda Farell, Vice President of Buntner.

"From a business point of view, global network corporations want connections around the world at a low price," says mark Showalter, marketing Director at Extreme Networks. These corporations want more traffic in as large areas as possible. "But not every telecom can reach anywhere in the world, so big ISPs need to connect with each other, and this is becoming a big problem. If these weather companies want to serve the global business, they need to connect their local information Islands", mark Showalter also needs to be analyzed.

"We believe that suppliers are entering the third phase of the overall deployment, as far as connectivity between Telecom is concerned," commented Hun Khen.n, President of Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF). The first stage in this direction has been completed and its focus has been towards the development and approval of Metro Ethernet architecture and the definition of components in this platform, due to many characteristics. "The second phase represented a large phase of deployment in which we were able to achieve significant growth," adds another Hun Khen.