Two software tools, Bergen's Darkroom and Skylum's Luminar, just got a bit better at challenging Adobe's dominant Lightroom software for editing and cataloging photos.

Darkroom, an iOS app, now has a version just for iPads for a better look at the photos you're editing, more room for catalog operations and support for external keyboards to speed things up.

You can't just move your photos from one app to another because nondestructive editing is a proprietary process.

But Lightroom isn't cheap -- it starts at $120 per year -- and new photographers might opt for more affordable alternatives, particularly those with a one-time price instead of a recurring subscription.

Lightroom is still a strong contender for those with a photo budget: Adobe is well known, the software works on Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS, and the internet is awash with YouTube tips and plug-ins to help people get more out of it.

Darkroom, integrated with iCloud-synced photos instead of using a separate library, is a relatively small step for photographers who have iPhones and iPads.

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