The impersonal, irrelevant news that seems to clog up most our newsfeeds is turning people away from traditional social networks and toward a new breed of local network that allows you to tune in to your neighborhood gossip.

Apps like Nextdoor, Neighbors, GoNeighbor, and Hoodi are creating private feeds for individual neighborhoods that are shuttling in a new era of hyper-local news, reminiscent of a pre-social media era.

But isn’t Facebook rehauling its algorithm to show you more posts from people that matter to you?

Despite living in an era of hyperconnectivity, where you can reach a stranger in rural India as quickly as you can call up your friend who lives across town, it appears that humans are still attracted to a sense of local community.

Especially as social media feeds like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram become increasingly crowded with questionable news and unfiltered vitriol, it might seem logical for people to retreat to their local communities.

The rapid growth of local social networks has not gone unnoticed, however.

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