In your busy schedule life, the stress of daily life can become annoying and tiresome. With increasing work pressure many people are converting their bathroom into different styles where they can release all their strain by deeply comforting soak within the limitations of their own home. In this case, it is important to select a Bathtub in Singapore which can give you a comfortable bath and please yourself. The tub function should not only confine to soak but to relax your muscles, calm your mind and to soothe your spirit. A good bath can make your day as well as can be a spoiler for your entire day.

There are many bathtubs available today which will give you a wide range of options. Outstanding tubs like a generic bathtub, soaking bathtubs, walk-in bathtubs, whirlpool and air tube can add the immense value of beauty to your bathroom. Different types of bathtub have their own unique style of appearance. Design of the tub should be selected according to a person’s taste that how he wants their bathroom to look like. A slight change in your bathroom can make a huge difference in its look.

Even in a tight budget, you can have the best quality and well-designed bathtubs. Prices totally depend on the size, quality, functions and design of the bathtub. If a tub has many functions, according to that the prices are set, well that doesn’t mean that a low priced bathtub will not give you comfort. But a minor change will be there in a costly bathroom than compare to a budget-friendly bathroom.

Here are 4 different types of bathtubs which help you in making a choice:

Generic Bathtub:

The main purpose of installing it in a house is for providing a bath experience to your family, which involves your pet also for example, tortoise, dog, small mammals to enjoy a plunge especially in summers when it is too hot. It is usually available in white in color with a shower head at the top.

Soaking Bathtub:

A bath involves full body immersion in water. This style of the tub will give you more space that you can settle down your body completely in water. It holds more water other than ordinary tubs.

Walk-in bathtub:

A walk-in bathtub is reached by a level surface instead of stepping over a two-foot side of a bathtub. The elderly and kids will definitely enjoy this specialty of the tub.

Whirlpool and air tubs:

It gives you a full experience of the spa which will release your all tiredness after a hard day’s work. The bubble formed by whirlpool with force and pointed water will create a body massage effect. This will cost you more than other bathtubs.


A bathroom is the only place where you get the opportunity to relax and give some time to yourself. A quality bathtub which can satisfy your needs, a requirement of space and design can give your bathroom an extra element to style. Give yourself a gift by purchasing this one of the best and most demanded Bathroom Accessories in Singapore that can give you a comfortable and luxurious bath.