A new study suggests that domesticated dogs have been on this side of the Pacific for roughly 10,000 years.

and Stillwell IL in the 1960s and 70's, the skeletons had been sitting in the state museum, collecting dust for years.

That was until recently, when Dr. Angela Perri and her team decided to analyze the canine skeletons using modern techniques.

“The dogs from the Koster site have been iconic early American dogs in the archaeological record for a long time, but they had never been [direct carbon] dated,” study leader Perri, from the Department of Archaeology at the Durham University in the United Kingdom, told Fox News.

“When we came across the dog from Stilwell, which had been in museum collections for decades unanalyzed, we decided to date that dog as well and look at them all together."

Direct carbon dating showed that the dogs were buried sometime between 9,630 and 10,190 years ago.

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