The popularity of Android App Development is undeniable. Here are a few numbers to prove it:

  • 6 billion applications in Google Play Store by December 2018 (Statista)
  • 5 billion Google Play mobile app downloads reported by the 3rd quarter of 2018 (Statista)
  • Android has 85% global operating system market share

When it comes to choosing an operating system for a startup, lots of entrepreneurs would opt for Android. And it totally makes sense! 

Android App Developers in California can readily implement the material design to deliver interactive Android apps at a lower cost for addressing a vast global audience. Here are some reasons why you should choose an Android platform for business seeking enterprise application.

  • High Return on Investment

Android is an open source platform which means developers can readily use a rich repository of Android’s Software Development, without paying big licensing fees. We broadly classify the development cycle into three phases – App design & development, App testing, and App deployment which offers a higher ROI than Apple counterpart.

  • Cost from Development to Launch

Android app development can cost you around $2000 to $18000 however iOS app development can cost you around $5,000 to $40,000. The vast difference in app development cost is self-significant that Android App development can cost you a lot less than iOS apps. Apart from this, at the time of launch Google Play Store takes one-off payments of $25 whereas to sign up on the Apple store you need to keep on paying $99 every year.

  • Smart Customization

Android is a robust and versatile platform which offers great flexibility and smart customization features. It can easily integrate modifications, whether simple or complex.  Using the latest tools and technologies skilled Mobile App Developers California can update your app to meet the changing business requirements.

  • Leverage the Wearable Device Advantage

Wearable devices are gaining popularity as an effective tool for communication. Even the smartwatches can manage notifications right from the Android mobile app. An enterprise Android app can help you integrate wearable technology into your current business workflows.

  • Easier to Adopt and Maintain

Android Apps are scripted in Java which uses a rich set of libraries. Thus, any developer familiar with Java language can build an Android app easily. As per a survey, developers find it easy to write apps for Android over any other programming language.

Regardless of which industry you belong to Android app development can bring tremendous benefits to your digital business. As more than 70% of smartphones are powered with Android platform thus enterprises can use Android apps to reach wider audiences in a brief time.