(Osaka University) Osaka University scientists describe a novel protein that spurs the post-translational modifications of the amino acid tryptophan to create an enzyme cofactor. This work may lead to the creation of new biological catalysts.
(Osaka University) Osaka University researchers prepared a nickel phosphide nanoparticle catalyst on a hydrotalcite support (nano-Ni2P/HT) that showed high activity and selectivity in the hydrogenation of D-glucose to D-sorbitol. The catalyst was air-stable, reusable, and effective in water and at 25°C or 1 bar hydrogen gas pressure. Its mild operating conditions will contribute to the low-cost, green, and sustainable production of D-sorbitol for food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries.
(Osaka University) Scientists from Osaka University, The University of Queensland, and the Faculty of Engineering at the National University of Singapore have created polymer-coated nanodiamonds that can be absorbed into cells. Based on changes in their fluorescence properties, the internal thermal conductivity of the cell can be measured, which may lead to new heat treatments that attack cancer cells.
After years of talk about a Nintendo theme park, we found ourselves within weeks of Super Nintendo World opening at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. Originally slated for a grand opening on February 4th, 2021, Universal Studios and Nintendo have announced that the opening will be delayed. Like most things that have been delayed over the course of the past … Continue reading
Universal Studios Japan has announced that Super Nintendo World will not be opening next month as planned. The Nintendo-themed zone of the Osaka park was supposed to open on February 4th after its launch was delayed from last year, but with Osaka being placed under a state of emergency declaration yesterday until at least February 7th, that’s no longer going to happen. USJ says it will announce a new opening date once the state of emergency has been lifted. The state of emergency in Japan was initially issued for Tokyo and its surrounding areas, but yesterday the order was expanded to cover a total of 11 prefectures, Osaka included. The countermeasures aren’t particularly strong compared to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions elsewhere —... Continue reading…
(Osaka University) Researchers from Osaka University have innovated a technique of irradiating cancer from within. They tagged α-methyl-L-tyrosine with 211Astatine, an α-emitter, to prepare 211At-AAMT; this radiopharmaceutical was effectively conveyed into cancer cells by the amino acid transporter LAT1. Alpha radiation combines high linear energy transfer with minimal tissue penetration, damaging cancer cells lethally while sparing surrounding normal tissue. This strategy may prove a breakthrough in the management of intractable or advanced cancers.
One of the coolest hypercar’s shown off in a while comes from a new company called Aspark. The car itself is called the Owl and is billed as the fastest accelerating car in the world. The vehicle is capable of accelerating from a standstill to 60 mph in 1.72 seconds. The incredible acceleration is thanks to horsepower numbers ranging from … Continue reading
(Osaka University) Osaka University scientists show how purposely introducing twists into molecular wires can improve their electrical conductivity. This work may lead to sophisticated and more ecofriendly smartphones and other electronic devices.
Nintendo, Universal Studios went all out to deliver a Nintendo fan destination.
(Osaka University) Researchers from Osaka University processed silk fibers into a versatile component of bioink for 3D cell printing technology. Printed objects retain their shape better than those produced without the silk additive, and the cells are not further damaged. This development will help advance regenerative medicine and drug discovery, and potentially reinvigorate the silk industry.
A very cool theme park is set to open in the spring of 2021 at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka City. Super Nintendo World is a part of the Universal Studios Japan theme park that looks like it came out of a Nintendo video game. The area has a Nintendo character theme and looks like the world from Nintendo video … Continue reading
(Osaka City University) Researchers at Osaka City University create a quantum algorithm that removes spin contaminants while making chemical calculations on quantum computers. This allows for predictions of electronic and molecular behavior with degrees of precision not achievable with classical computers and paves the way for practical quantum computers to become a reality.
(Osaka University) Researchers from Osaka University have developed an ultra-small actuator that can be turned on and off in a fraction of a millisecond and exhibits nanometer-scale position control. This actuator is unparalleled in modern technologies, and will be useful in robotics, medicine, and many other advanced applications.
Our guide explains how to watch US Open tennis online today, including where to find a Naomi Osaka vs Jennifer Brady semi-final live stream right now.
On the heels of back-to-back Grand Slam wins and on the cusp of playing in the Olympics, Naomi Osaka landed several lucrative endorsement deals.
Archaeologists in Japan have uncovered a historic graveyard that contains more than 1,500 bodies.
(Osaka University) Researchers at Osaka University have demonstrated that precipitation of a salt crystal occurs even at concentrations much lower than its solubility due to local density fluctuation and this repeated precipitation-dissolution of salt crystals significantly accelerates the production of neurotoxic aggregates of amyloid-β peptides. These results help elucidate the protein aggregation mechanism and the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease.
It's an important feature for a country often beset by earthquakes, typhoons and tsunamis.
Swiss WorldCargo will fly to Osaka five times weekly, while servicing Washington DC daily during its Summer Timetable, and five times weekly during its Winter Timetable.The new destinations will offer a weekly payload of 100 to 150 tonnes in each direction.The air freight division of Swiss International Air Lines also has additional plans to increase capacity with year-round Boeing 777-300ER on flights to Tokyo and Miami.The Zurich-Tokyo route will be operated with Boeing 777-300ERs from February 2020 onwards, and the Zurich-Miami route will switch to all-Boeing 777-300ER service from Summer 2020.The larger-capacity Boeing 777-300ERs will offer an increase in payload.“We are very excited to announce our new destinations for 2020, which allow us to expand our reach within strategic global markets.
Osaka, Japan - A research team lead by Osaka University demonstrated how information encoded in the circular polarization of a laser beam can be translated into the spin state of an electron in a quantum dot, each being a quantum bit and a quantum computer candidate.The achievement represents a major step towards a "quantum internet," in which future computers can rapidly and securely send and receive quantum information.Quantum computers have the potential to vastly outperform current systems because they work in a fundamentally different way.Instead of processing discrete ones and zeros, quantum information, whether stored in electron spins or transmitted by laser photons, can be in a superposition of multiple states simultaneously.Handling entangled states allow quantum computers to evaluate many possibilities simultaneously, as well as transmit information from place to place immune from eavesdropping.To realize the goal of a quantum internet, over which coherent light signals can relay quantum information, these signals must be able to interact with electron spins inside distant computers.