If someone not familiar with the Audio-Technica ATH-M50 as it is one of the most popular headphones that are for studio applications, and one of our favorites in the price range.The wireless version has Bluetooth 5.0, with support for AAC and aptX, so that it can transmit a bit with higher sound quality wireless.the Headphones have built-in microphone that can be used for mobile phone calls, Siri and Google Assistant – and all of it is possible to configure in an app.The closed ear cup has a 45-mm large elements with copper-plated aluminium coil and play music for 40 hours before they need to be recharged.If the power runs out, you can also listen with the included cable.On the left cover, you can control the music and manage phone calls.
Today we’re looking at a healthy bull run for Bitcoin – at least here in the first half of the day.This comes after a quick breakout earlier in the week which resulted in a whole lot of altcoin drops – thanks to those with weak hands and little understanding of how quickly this market turns around.We’re talking major changes in weeks or days, not months or years.For those just joining the Bitcoin party: In mid-December the price of Bitcoin hit an all-time-high (ATH) of around $19,890 USD.Pullback occurred quick, altcoins rose, and BTC entered a failing wedge – which then turned into a reversal, and we’re back where we are now.In short: Investors in Bitcoin are in good shape.
Audio Technica’s ATH-DSR9BT headphones are fantastic, but they almost never made it past the early stages of life, which would have robbed us of a superb-sounding pair of Bluetooth headphones.It’s a good thing they weren’t abandoned, as the technology that was developed subsequently made the headphones what they are today, and will continue to influence future Audio Technica products.Right at the beginning of the yearlong project to bring the DSR9BT to life, the intent was to simply add AptX HD Bluetooth to a pair of high-resolution audio headphones, enhancing the wireless experience.The engineers took the existing ATH-SR9 headphones, which met the basic specifications required, and added in the necessary hardware for Bluetooth connectivity.The end result was less than satisfactory, with poor audio quality causing members of the team to wonder if it was a project worth pursuing.Audio Technica prides itself on producing the very best transducers — whether it’s inside a microphone or a speaker — and wasn’t going to settle for a product that was substandard.
Audio-Technica is now shipping a special red and gold version of its ATH-M50x headphones.The special version is called the ATH-M50xRD, and it offers an attractive, almost velvety red color with subtle gold trim, the combination of which contrasts well with the black headband and ear cups.The headband itself includes thin writing in gold.This newest version of the ATH-M50x is part of Audio-Technica’s M Series headphones, offering massive 45mm drivers alongside sound-isolating ear cups.The model uses copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils and has a detachable cable, of which there are three varieties: two straight cables, one longer than the other, plus a coiled cable.The ear cups are attached to the headband with a 90-degree swivel hinge, enabling users to listen with just one ear.
Whether you’re listening to your new favorite album or duking it out in the world of online video games, a good set of over-ear headphones is a must-have.A high-quality pair of cans lets your ears pick up every detail, from the crisp highs and bass-filled lows of a song to all of the subtle environmental sound cues of game worlds, providing you with a truly immersive entertainment experience.Its ATH-AD1000X Audiophile headphones are among the best that money can buy.The Audio-Technica ATH-AD1000X features an over-ear design with soft suede cups that sit comfortably around your ears (rather than on top of them) and better isolate sound for hours of continuous wear.Unlike cheaper headphones that feature mostly plastic construction, the Audio-Technica ATH-AD1000X Audiophile boasts a sturdy yet lightweight magnesium alloy frame.This allows the Audiophile headphones to ditch the traditional bulky headband for a sleeker minimalist design that utilizes Audio-Technica’s proprietary 3D wing head supports, cutting down on weight and adding to your overall comfort when you’re wearing your headphones for hours at a time.
There’s an entire hall at the IFA technology show dedicated to the latest and greatest audio products, and headphones play a big part of what’s new this year.They are very lightweight, with water-resistance, Siri and Google Assistant control, and big buttons that make it easy to hit the right one when exercising.When the price tag for a pair of headphones is at least four figures, the listening experience had better be incredible, right?The Audio Technica ATH ADX5000 are open-back cans that give a wonderfully spacious and full sound, bringing vocals to the forefront, with a midrange and high-end that are incredibly pleasurable to hear.Although they’re a big pair of over-ear headphones, they’re very light and comfortable, with a glorious Alcantara-covered headband and earcups.It’s massive, but the good news is if you take the headphones out, it could be used for a weekend getaway.
You will be quite spoiled when the terrible of the audio equipment is within the reach of just one phone call.We have already had ordered the Audio-Technica ATH-ADX5000 for the test, a short provlyssning gave namely, to whet the appetite.The new referenshörlurarna set up in the same class as the Hifiman, Audeze, Stax, Sennheiser, Sony and Pioneer SE-Master1, and our first impression did nothing to weaken this view.The open headphones with large ear cups were not only exceptionally comfortable to have on the head.the Sound was unusually transparent, focused and detailed.How good the dynamic characteristics and the base – is we'll find out when we get to study them in more detail.
Audio-Technica has revealed both a new wireless Bluetooth over-ear headphone model as well as a series of wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones.Unlike the brand’s other recent reveal — the upmarket ATH-ADX5000 (which comes with its own suitcase!)— all these newly released models are affordably priced, but still have quality-conscious listeners in mind.The ATH-AR5BT over-ear model follows the ATH-AR3BT, released earlier this year.Many specs are shared between the two wireless headphones, like a 30 hour battery life and support for Bluetooth aptX, AAC, and SBC codecs.But, there are some upgrades.
Audio-Technica kicks off the IFA trade show a little earlier by presenting their new flaggskepslurar ATH-ADX5000.the Headphones are the successor of the ATH-AD2000X and will with a little novelty that new elements and different design.ADX5000 has an open design and is equipped with two 58mm-volframtäckta drivers.the Arch and the pads are covered with alcantara textile to enhance the level of comfort and will allow you to listen to music anymore.Usually, you usually get a nice bag or a slightly more stable case in the purchase of headphones.Audio-Technica does however take in properly and delivers the ATH-ADX5000 in a right massive wooden box.
When we talk about headphone cases, we usually mean some sort of box or pouch that keeps them safe from harm and dust, not an actual piece of luggage.But Audio-Technica has gone literal with the case for its new flagship headphones, the ATH-ADX5000, giving you a fancy briefcase to tote your $1,999 headphones in.And, oh yes, these open-back headphones do cost an order of magnitude more than Audio-Technica’s most popular models, with the Japanese company aiming to do battle with the likes of the Sennheiser HD 800 S, Audeze LCD-X, Focal Utopia, and the MrSpeakers Ether Flow models.Having listened to much of Audio-Technica’s incredibly expansive portfolio of headphones, I have no problem with the company moving upmarket and trying to prove its credentials among the most committed audiophiles.The previous entries in its so-called Air Dynamic series of cans, such as the ATH-AD2000Xs, have earned a lot of plaudits for their wide soundstage, precise imaging, and vocal-friendly tuning.The new 5000 model (which weirdly flips the position of the X in the name) will look to build on that heritage and crank it up in the way that’s hinted at by the excessively luxurious case.
Audio-Technica has introduced a new special edition version of its ATH-MSR7 headphones.Called the MSR7SE, this version of the model sports a new look alongside enhanced audio performance.The audio quality boost is made possible in part thanks to a new diamond-like carbon-coated diaphragm, according to Audio-Technica, which cuts down on distortion while increasing response times.The Audio-Technica MSR7 is a well-regarded headphones model, depending on who you ask, and it only makes sense that the company would want to build upon its popularity by updating the model rather than outright replacing it.This new version brings with it a new design sporting a navy finish, as well as an aluminum housing and gold accents.This is joined by faux brown leather and increased comfort thanks to what Audio-Technica describes as ‘ultra-soft’ padding.
We’ve done the research - the key to unadulterated gadget nirvana is tech that looks as good as it performs.And would you take a look at these classy cans?The special edition ATH-MSR7SE have had a lick of paint from the original black version, and sport a navy aluminium finish with gold accents that are subtle rather than showy.The brown leather headband and earcups are comfier than before too, so should keep your ears cushioned for the ride.As for the sound, it’s been suitably smartened up to match, improving on its highly regarded original setup to offer less distortion and better detail.They’ll be available in October for £299.
The Audio-Technica ATH-ADG1X is an excellent premium gaming headset for people who think that sound quality is an essential part of enjoying games.Not as many features as competitorsOpen design leads to sound leakThe ATH-ADG1X is the latest gaming headset from Audio-Technica, a company that's held in high regard for its headsets and headphones.While many headsets aimed at gamers go for flashy designs and virtual surround implementations that offer dubious results, and even more questionable advantages to gamers, Audio-Technica has rather admirably focused on two features that are key for any gaming headset: comfort and sound quality.At £299 ($299, AU$349), the ATH-ADG1X is pricey even by gaming headset standards, costing more than the V-Moda Crossfade Wireless at $300 (about £206, AU$430), and the Asus ROG Centurion 7.1 which costs £219.99 (around $270, AU$36), while matching the price of the SteelSeries Siberia 840.
ATH-DSR7BT is equipped with something such as Audio-Technica calls for Pure Digital Drive.Exactly what it is for something is not clear, but the technology is said to ensure an uninterrupted digital signal chain, all the way from the sound source up to the elements.In this way avoid the impact from the phone or headphones the DAC.Audio-Technica claims they have managed to avoid the D/A conversion completely, so the amplifier should also be digital.
p Sennheiser's GSP 350 is one of three gaming headsets I've tested from mainstream audio favorites Sennheiser and Audio-Technica.Many gaming headsets are overpriced, given their feature sets and audio quality, and Internet forums often recommend buying a good pair of headphones and a separate microphone instead.That's why I thought I'd investigate a specific niche of headsets: ones made by the very same companies that produce excellent studio headphones.I've also looked at Sennheiser's latest Game Zero model, as well as Audio-Technica's ATH-AG1X.While Sennheiser’s Game Zero could double as a sleek pair of studio headphones and Audio-Technica’s ATH-AG1X is a flashy, space-age take, the GSP 350 looks like it belongs to an air-traffic controller.I’m not a huge fan, obviously.
In this first round of examination, I looked at the Sennheiser's latest Game Zero and GSP 350 models, and Audio-Technica's ATH-AG1X.And so the AG1X has some of the same issues as its predecessors: It just seems loose.Whether that's actually the case is hard to say.The very system meant to alleviate pressure and make me more forget I was wearing the headset did exactly the opposite.It uses the gamer-standard red-and-black color scheme, and branding is minimal (just a single Audio-Technica logo on each ear).You can sort of hide it against the left earcup.
Instead, you should spend your money on a good pair of headphones and a standalone mic from a reputable company.I’ve been investigating that scenario for the last few months, looking at a selection of gaming headsets from mainstream audio favorites Sennheiser and Audio-Technica.Besides the Sennheiser Game Zero, I also evaluated Sennheiser’s GSP 350 and Audio-Technica’s ATH-AG1X.Sennheiser’s updated Game Zero headset, which I tested both standalone and using Sennheiser’s GSX 1000 amp, is expensive.However, my time with it showed that it’s certainly a worthwhile purchase—and a successful challenger to popular sentiment on Internet forums.I’ll say this: Gaming-centric companies could learn a lot about presentation from their boutique counterparts.
p There are hordes of options when it comes to wireless Bluetooth headphones, but Audio-Technica promises clearer sound with its digitally enhanced ATH-DSR7BT.Veteran audio brand Audio-Technica has a long track record for impressive headphone design.Now, in the highly competitive space of wireless headphones, the company aims to keep its edge with the new ATH-DSR7BT Pure Digital Drive Headphones.First showcased at CES 2017, the ATH-DSR7BT are now packed up and ready for delivery.Audio-Technica hopes to make its latest wireless cans standout from the crowd thanks to the brand’s proprietary Pure Digital Drive technology, which uses AT’s Trigence Semiconductor Dnote chipset to bypass several levels of processing and conversion that’s common practice in most wireless Bluetooth headphones.The company claims that keeping the signal in the digital realm from source to speaker allows for a less colored, truer listening experience, avoiding pitfalls of traditional designs like increased distortion.
Update: Lightning deal is over.If price has been the barrier to entry keeping you from better audio, Amazon’s running the best deal ever on Status Audio’s CB-1s, just $63 for the next few hours, or until sold out.The last time we posted this deal you bought them all pretty quickly.Status is a direct-to-consumer headphone company, building great cans in proven form factors without the markup that comes with popular brands.In fact, there’s no branding here whatsoever.The CB-1s are extremely comfortable out of the box, more so (for me) than the ATH-M50X, MDR7506, SR60e, or V-MODA Crossfade Wireless, just to name a few off the top of my head (ha!).
Their scale of sound is the top feature, provided by large 50mm drivers.There’s not even a Status Audio inscription on the jack or inside one of the cups.For example, you wouldn’t catch Sony or Audio-Technica making headband padding that looks like a chair upholstered by an Etsy novice.The cups also fold into the headband, and swivel to fit your head.Your head feels like it’s being lightly hugged by the pads and headband, with softer foam padding than the Audio Technica ATH-M50x.They’re more-or-less zero fatigue headphones, which is why you might want to consider them over the many on-ear pairs at the price.
When it comes to full-sized headphones, wired options still reign supreme, and Audio Technica has repeated as your favorites.The company s venerable ATH-M50X won this vote back in 2014, and despite some stiff competition, they squeaked by again this year.In addition to the M50X, many of our readers also expressed their love for the very similar, but significantly less expensive M40X.Compared to its bigger brother, the M40X has slightly smaller drivers, but most reviewers say the differences are almost impossible to notice, especially if you don t mind making minor EQ tweaks.
ATH-AG1x from the japanese Audio-Technica has some of the greatest ear cup I have seen!And they don't feel directly less because they have a red metallic-color.A gummiöverdragen metal bows holding everything in place without resting directly on the head.It makes instead two skumförsedda outriggers called 3D Wing Support .There are no colored lights or any other bells and whistles, and it is not included nor is any software to customize the headphones or simulate surround sound.the Base is tight and sturdy and goes really deep.
The three different models in the E-series is equipped with memory cable around the ear and pillows in four sizes.They are also supplied with a detachable 1.6 m A2DC Audio Designed Detachable Coaxial cable, carry pouch and 3.5 to 6.3 mm adapter.Flaggskeppsversionen, ATH-E70, is a three-way headphones with a frequency response of 20 – 19 000 Hz.the target Price is located on the 3 995 krbelonging to singapore, the ATH-E50, has a special insulation which means that the headphones can be used as referenslyssning.ATH-E50 is a tvåvägslur with the frequency response 20-18 000 Hz and they cost about 1 995 kr
The last year has been a good one for audiophiles, with high end audio becoming less expensive, and greater selection of quality products overall.Planar magnetic headphones, which use flat drivers instead of the usual cones to produce more detail, have had a surge this year.While Audeze impressed me with the withstand its Sine headphones, OPPO offers similar sound quality at a lower price with its excellent PM-3.Though moshi is more known for their accessories than audio, the Avanti sound impressively big for such a small set of on-ears, with an expansive sound that manages to be bright without being too aggressive.It offers quality to match – perhaps even surpass – the venerable AudioTechnica ATH-M50, is extremely comfortable, and is slightly more portable due to a folding headband.The-semi open headphones feature large 50mm drivers that frankly sound great just as pure headphones.
It s that time of year: CES is almost here, and while many companies are saving their best for the show, many of the more-established companies just couldn t wait to unveil their latest and greatest.Audio-Technica is one of those companies, as it just announced its new ATH-DSR9BT and ATH-DSR7BT wireless headphones.Wireless headphones are mostly a known quantity at this point, but Audio-Technica is using a different approach.While most Bluetooth headphones transform and process the digital signal across several steps, Audio-Technica s Pure Digital Drive uses a Trigence Semiconductor Dnote chipset that keeps the signal digital right up until it hits the driver.Instead of digital-to-analog conversion, this chip translates the signal into digital pulses that move the voice coil in the driver, creating the sound listeners hear.The more premium of the two new headphones is the ATH-DSR9BT, which uses a four-wire voice coil for more precise control, which results in more detailed sound.
The A50 had slightly more spacious audio and a more comfortable form factor, while the Siberia 800 had a more attractive base station, swappable batteries for worry-free charging, and a more professional-looking design.Outwardly, the biggest change to the Siberia 840 is that the facing side of each ear is now silver instead of black.It s a wholly unpretentious black arch, generic to the extreme but for the understated SteelSeries logo etched into each side and the orange stitching highlights.As far as gaming headsets go, this is one of the least flashy designs on the market.The 840s are a bit bulkier than competing over-ear headphones like say Audio-Technica s ATH-M70X and feel somewhat flimsier.The 840s are primarily built for gaming in the home though, so we re going to focus on that use-case.
Status Audio CB-1, $67 including shipping with code KINJA20If price has been the barrier to entry keeping you from better audio, we re bringing back the best price ever on Status Audio s CB-1s, $67 with code KINJA20.The last time we posted this deal you bought them all pretty quickly.Status is a direct-to-consumer headphone company, building great cans in proven form factors without the markup that comes with popular brands.In fact, there s no branding here whatsoever.The CB-1s are extremely comfortable out of the box, more so for me than the ATH-M50X, MDR7506, SR60e, or V-MODA Crossfade Wireless, just to name a few off the top of my head ha!
Status Audio CB-1, $67 including shipping with code KINJA20If price has been the barrier to entry keeping you from better audio, we re bringing back the best price ever on Status Audio s CB-1s, $67 with code KINJA20.The last time we posted this deal you bought them all pretty quickly.Status is a direct-to-consumer headphone company, building great cans in proven form factors without the markup that comes with popular brands.In fact, there s no branding here whatsoever.The CB-1s are extremely comfortable out of the box, more so for me than the ATH-M50X, MDR7506, SR60e, or V-MODA Crossfade Wireless, just to name a few off the top of my head ha!
Bookmark Kinja Deals and follow us on Twitter to never miss a deal.Click here to learn more, and don t forget to sign up for our email newsletter.Zus is the smartest car charger ever made, and you can pick one up for just $24 today on Amazon with promo code ZUSBUZ20.The CB-1s are extremely comfortable out of the box, more so for me than the ATH-M50X, MDR7506, SR60e, or V-MODA Crossfade Wireless, just to name a few off the top of my head ha!The ergonomic ear pads that were the primary criticism in initial coverage of the CB-1s have been done away with, and their upgraded design is one of the few I can comfortably wear all day.Amazon s looking out for the green thumbs today with a Gold Box deal on a half dozen Gorilla garden carts.
The Audio-Technica ATH-SR5BT is a stellar sounding Bluetooth headphone that sounds even better wired.For the unfamiliar, the Hi-Res Audio label you see on the box means a headphone must meet certain criteria to be able to play higher than CD-quality music.On paper, Audio-Technica ATH-SR5BT is an impressive wireless headphone with a frequency response of 5-40,000 Hz, meaning that pretty much no note goes unheard.It also lasts a stunning 38 hours on a charge so you can go days, if not weeks, without charging them.The design of the Audio-Technica ATH-SR5BT is understated with an all black finish and some silver accents, though there's a white-on-silver version as well if you're into the clean sci-fi look.The headphones feature metal earcups with soft leather earpads and headband that are the definition of comfortable.